Growing up fast

Growing up in two countries, Feizal has developed maturity beyond his years. Each morning, Feizal finds clothes for his four younger brothers and helps them get ready for online school. After Feizal and his mother have all of the other boys settled, Feizal logs onto Google Meet for his own classes. “I’ve been helpful to my family by helping my brothers,” Feizal said. Born in South Africa, Feizal has grown up in two different cultures. In South Africa, Feizal’s father owned a convenience store

Filling the gaps

The Nonviolent Peaceforce works to protect the rights of civilians to protest, vote, and live peacefully. One hundred Democracy Defenders donned orange vests and masks the morning of Nov. 3 in preparation for Election Day. Volunteers from both Nonviolent Peaceforce and their partnering organizations had been through several Zoom training sessions to learn nonviolent de-escalation strategies. Throughout the day, teams of nonpartisan volunteers went to different polling locations to prevent voter

United in Discipleship

Pang Moua lives a life devoted to the unity of the body of Christ. Pang Moua’s fingers turn page after page of her Hmong Bible, looking for the translation of the verse she had just read in English, John 17:20. “Kuas puab koom ib lub sab…” That they may be brought into complete unity. A sophomore in high school, Moua was struck by the implicit meaning of the Hmong word for unite and how it called her. “Jesus was praying that to me, I am a future disciple,” Moua said. Discipleship. Sitting wit